Action Intelligence
Action Intelligence (AQ©) Overview
•Dr Kennett blends his unique background of over 30 years, as an international
•psychologist, educator and leader, to create a new paradigm of Action Intelligence. Which he states “is like gravity” – it is always there.
•He explodes the myth often presented by academics of “thinking, feeling, acting” and the notion of “theory to practice” in the quantum leap to the synergy of “action, feeling and thinking, as the basis of his humanistic approach in positive psychology, life challenges and action effective learning.
•Professor Kennett builds on the work of famous Harvard Professor Skinner and Austrain Dr Adler and many others, showing that concepts of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence arise and are initiated by Action Intelligence. Action Intelligence (AQ©) is the we learn, and how our actions develop our feelings and our thinking. Dr Kennett applies his Power of Positive Action (PPA©) methodology based on AQ to life’s challenges. He recognizes the work of others, from over 2,000 years ago, from Confucius to GE’s famous CEO Jack Welch, who wrote,
•“… we don’t think ourselves into new ways of acting,
•  we act ourselves into new ways of thinking.”



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This perfectly expresses Kennett’s Action Intelligence paradigm. Recent evidence based studies reinforce his new paradigm from brain training and neuroplasticity, to action effective learning and actioning strengths in student endeavours, with Positive Psychology and Transformational Leadership. This book is an insightful and valuable addition in psychology and education; a motivating resource for business and community leaders, educators, health professionals and psychologists alike.
Positive Action Intelligence (AQ©) highlights the "AND" solution. Psychologists and other scientists are often conditioned to "either/or" solutions; however, life is constantly "AND" solutions.

Action is what you do ?
Action Intelligence(AQ©) is assessed by HOW, WHEN, WHY, and WHERE YOU DO IT!

Our AQ© and the AQ© of others, creates our wisdom.
The Power of Positive Action© paradigm changes the traditional approach of "thinking, feeling and action" (TFA) to action, feeling, and thinking (AFT ©).

Positive thinking is unproductive until action is taken, now referred to as Action Intelligence (AQ©) (Kennett, 2001).The Power of Positive Action© is a paradigm shift demonstrating the importance of action-effective learning© and the importance of positive actions, to empower leaders and you.