Action Intelligence
Do you ask yourself these questions?
  • I am a " great leader" at my workplace, but when I come home, my kids and my spouse see my strengths as weaknesses. What is going on here?
  • How do I make plans for the future when “everyday stuff” events and the needs of others keep interfering with my larger goals?
  • How do I create optimism and resiliency in a work culture with ruthless competition?
  • How can I make a difference in the world and find meaning in my work?
  • How do I realize my dreams?
  • We have smart, talented people, but they are not on the same page. Why?
  • How can I increase our level of collaboration, communication and conflict resolution, so everything flows better?
  • How do I increase the number of friends at my workplace?
  • How do I balance my responsibilities to work and family?

Human Capital Performance and Productivity Improvement through

Human resources are the life blood of every company.

Are you identifying and optimising the capabilities evident in the strengths of all employees which in turn determines your company performance.

We do and we will show you how.

The Action Intelligence (AQ©) paradigm based on “the power of positive action” methodology, ensures performance and productivity improvement now.
It becomes part of your culture.

AQ© engagement involves employees at all levels to reinforce that “training/learning” are successfully transferred within the work unit and throughout the workplace.

Our Action intelligence (AQ©) paradigm is a positive psychology application to HR. Real life human experiences founded on “the power of positive action©.
The unique program is a model of implementing and assessing actions and accomplishments.

Action Intelligence (AQ©) brings success and recognition.

Jack Welch, world recognized leader and past CEO of GE stated

"We don’t think ourselves into new ways of acting; we act ourselves into a new way of thinking"

The AQ© program is hands-on, in full co-operation with management at all levels.


Actions bring about new ways of thinking

“Actions speak louder than words”, this describes our approach to the important application of positive psychology in Human Resources to your company and includes:-

  • Focus on developing more effective leadership at all levels;
  • Hands-on instructive case studies;
  • Identification of models of excellence;
  • Innovative positive assessment techniques;
  • Guidance and advice with actions that provide clear responsibilities, learning opportunities, revitalization and rewards for contribution;
  • On-going action processes that provide meaningful feedback for workplace application;
  • Behavioral improvements and preventative techniques that focus on physical and mental health issues to ensure harmony and happiness, as a total quality lifestyle; and
  • Establishing actions that are positive and rewarding as the essential component of enjoying a meaningful experience of employment.

Identify and optimise your resources

Action Intelligence

Professor Keith Kennett (left)with
Macquarie University's Chancellor
Michael Egan.

Macquarie University-Occasional Address

Thursday 21st April, 2011 at the Invitation of Macquarie University;

Professor Keith Kennett gave the Occasional Address to the University's Faculty of Human Sciences-Psychology Department's 2011 Graduating Class of over 300 graduates.

Topic: On the Power of Positive Action© and the "new paradigm shift" to Action Intelligence (AQ ©).

This was enthusiastically received by the 2011 Graduation class, from PhDs to BSc.


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