Action Intelligence
Courses and Events - 2012
Positive Psychology: Making the Difference
Positive Psychology: Making the Difference

Enjoy the experience of reaching one New Year’s resolution.

  • Enroll in this workshop and make the difference in your lifestyle and contribution to your clients.
  • Learn how to empower clients with your new positive actions that bring about improved emotions and a structure of thinking that consolidates your achievements.
  • Discover the commonality of all therapies and strategies including CBT, mindfullness and meditation.

Action Intelligence (AQ©) is a dynamic, practical, direct action, personal improvement program for health professionals and their clients. Become an action intelligence (AQ©) practitioner. Gain new learning and understanding to strengthen your unique contribution to the health profession.

Action Intelligence focuses on what you do, how you feel and what you think. The synergy of action-feeling and thinking (AFT principle) is the foundation of your success. The application of The Power of Positive Actions optimizes effectiveness in service provision, contributes to enjoyment, happiness and essential behavioral changes.

About AQ© ? It is putting the puzzle together.

The Workshop examines

  • Action Intelligence making the difference
  • Individual differences: relationship among AQ©, EQ© and IQ
  • Individual differences: interaction between professional and client
  • Leadership: AQ© – the application of individual strengths
  • Leadership: AQ© - applications of psychological therapies and concepts
  • The importance of the word “AND” in integrative positive psychology
  • Introduction of THE CRAFT© Principle of Behaviour
  • Changing behaviours through positive actions –empowering your clients
  • Understanding the application of AQ©. How you do it?
  • Concepts and applications of positive psychology: mental conditions and mental disorders
  • Application of your unique contribution: examination of similarities and differences
  • Applying the CRAFT© Principle of behaviour makes the difference
  • Applying AQ© to building a successful practice

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