Action Intelligence

Brain power through physical education!

In 1973 Kennett & Buchanan developed a research project, Learning Experiences through physical education, with the prime purpose of demonstrating the value and importance of physical education in the lower elementary grades as an essential activity appropriate to the effective development of the child as s/he learns in a meaningful way.

We have integrated the results of this research to deliver courses which have a clear vision of actions. These actions optimise the development of children resulting in:

  • Significant improvements in physical health;
  • Significant physical education skills;
  • New behaviour of having regular breakfast;
  • New behaviour in going to bed at an appropriate time (e.g. 8pm);
  • Increased enjoyment and participation;
  • Increased social competence and improved inter-personal relationships;
  • Significant  improvements in confidence;
  • Significant improvements in reading;
  • Increased awareness by teachers of individual needs;
  • Teachers trained to continue with physical education as mentors utilizing the strengths and competencies of children to demonstrate and vitalize increased capabilities;
  • Effective practical activities that reduced and eliminated mental disorders;
  • Integration of  children with physical or mental handicaps;
  • Significant involvement of parents in many positive ways of support and appreciation;
  • A new positive tone within the classroom.
  • Minimization of bullying
  • Effective positive actions to minimize obesity
  • Enjoyment of school and increased understanding
  • Platform in providing children with purpose, harmony and happiness.

Actions bring about new ways of learning

We will teach you how to focus your physical action to establish skills which demonstrate strengths as the foundation for all sports.

Learn how to:-

  • increase social responsibility
  • increase enjoyment of learning,
  • increase your academic achievement

Learn how the Power of Positive Action can revitalise and establishes a new and exciting climate of learning that supports teachers, children and parents.

We show you how to empower yourself and your children to enjoy school experiences and to be socially responsible; and gain the opportunity to become leaders.

Empowering individuals involves healthy bodies that can be more emotional sound, reach higher academic achievements because of the action intelligence we provide.
Make the change now and enjoy the rewards