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Programs Fundamental to Empowering Families

Raising a family can be complicated and difficult in todays society. With external stressors, social expectations and work related pressure surrounding the family, how do you raise and be part of a loving and caring family?

Elicit positive actions through behaviour

Through our workshops you will learn how to:

  1. Optimize the enjoyment of being a parent
  2. Learn how to establish yourself as a model of excellence to be imitated
  3. Learn to change your actions to improve the actions of children
  4. Learn the techniques of giving attention for the right reasons
  5. Learn and acquire responses patterns that support more effective decision-making
  6. Learn new routines that bring enjoyment to family togetherness
  7. Learn to become an integral factor in your children’s activities

Recognise how your actions, thinking and feeling influence those around you

We then show you how to model your behaviour and techniques to encourage positive feelings and actions in your family by teaching you how to :-

  • Identify when you family is in need
  • Nurture trust
  • Create solutions with which your family will identify with
  • Engage in discussions which promote active participation
  • Empower the family with positive actions to discourage negative thoughts and behaviour.
  • Optimise the contributions that make your family happy


Your family is worth it!!

Presentations will discuss how the application of positive psychology will make important and beneficial changes to the behaviour of all family members.

New actions will:

  • Assist in identifying the individual differences of each family member and guide in utlising their strengths
  • Minimise conflicts by maximising cooperation and contribution by all members of the family to lessen the generation gap with your children
  • Improve understanding and acknowledge the differences in society and culture and your tolerance of those differences
  • Demonstrate techniques to cope with stressors from work and those at home to increase harmony and happiness
  • Strive to maximise family participation in the home and in social family activities

Together, we replace conflicts with positive contribution and understanding

Action Intelligence

Professor Keith Kennett (left)with
Macquarie University's Chancellor
Michael Egan.

Macquarie University-Occasional Address

Thursday 21st April, 2011 at the Invitation of Macquarie University;

Professor Keith Kennett gave the Occasional Address to the University's Faculty of Human Sciences-Psychology Department's 2011 Graduating Class of over 300 graduates.

Topic: On the Power of Positive Action© and the "new paradigm shift" to Action Intelligence (AQ ©).

This was enthusiastically received by the 2011 Graduation class, from PhDs to BSc.


Customised workshops for 1 or 2 days, can be organised for your institution, organisation or government department.

Our workshops are also ideal for parent groups, industry, commerce and marketing.


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