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Programs Fundamental to all Health Professionals

Effective response patterns promote progress, it's no secret. But how do you recognise and then reinforce these patterns?

Empowering Health Professionals

Through our workshops you will learn how to:

  1. Recognize your strengths – the unique way you achieve and the unique way others achieve
  2. Recognize the strengths  of clients– the unique way they can apply their strengths
  3. Recognize the strengths of significant others and their contribution (action)
  4. Recognize the importance of routine

Leveraging your strengths into the work environment

We then show you techniques on how to embrace and capitalise your strengths for positive results:-

  • Optimize productivity by identifying the essential of an efficient working environment
  • Optimize and build on strengths and gain recognition for what you do best
  • Establish through encouragement and the power of positive action a commitment to quality
  • Guide and assist in identifying opportunities
  • Change behaviours through the positive actions you take.


The 'AND' Solution

During two day workshops, we will discuss how the application of positive psychology and the AFT Principle can have a direct influence on your client relationship with you; and their responsiveness to services.

Topics which we will investigate in depth include:-

  • The importance of the concept of “AND” in integrative positive psychology
  • Changing behaviour and reducing symptoms
  • Acquiring new actions and restructuring thinking
  • Discussing, interacting and clarifying through actions
  • Impacting on inter-action between practitioner and client
  • Behaviours which influence perception and reaction
  • Modifying response patterns and emotions
  • Establishing new routines and contributions for health and happiness


Action Intelligence

Professor Keith Kennett (left)with
Macquarie University's Chancellor
Michael Egan.

Macquarie University-Occasional Address

Thursday 21st April, 2011 at the Invitation of Macquarie University;

Professor Keith Kennett gave the Occasional Address to the University's Faculty of Human Sciences-Psychology Department's 2011 Graduating Class of over 300 graduates.

Topic: On the Power of Positive Action© and the "new paradigm shift" to Action Intelligence (AQ ©).

This was enthusiastically received by the 2011 Graduation class, from PhDs to BSc.


Customised workshops for 1 or 2 days, can be organised for your institution, organisation or government department.

Our workshops are also ideal for parent groups, industry, commerce and marketing.


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