Action Intelligence
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Past 2 day courses have been accredited with 16 APS CPD hours and 28 AASW CPE hours

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About AQ© ? It is putting the puzzle together.

The Workshop examines

  • Action Intelligence making the difference
  • Individual differences: relationship among AQ©, EQ© and IQ
  • Individual differences: interaction between professional and client
  • Leadership: AQ© – the application of individual strengths
  • Leadership: AQ© - applications of psychological therapies and concepts
  • The importance of the word “AND” in integrative positive psychology
  • Introduction of THE CRAFT© Principle of Behaviour
  • Changing behaviours through positive actions –empowering your
  • Understanding the application of AQ©. How you do it?
  • Concepts and applications of positive psychology: mental conditions
    and mental disorders
  • Application of your unique contribution: examination of similarities
    and differences
  • Applying the CRAFT© Principle of behaviour makes the difference
  • Applying AQ© to building a successful practice

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