Action Intelligence
Nurture and Strengthen Your Relationship

Happy and loving relationships just don’t happen – they are nurtured and provide the essential foundation of understanding and improved behaviours that assure harmony and happiness

Gain assistance in identifying the small issues that need to be addressed and remedied before they become major issues leading to separation.

Actions have a lasting and meaningful influence on relationships

We teach you how to act positively.

It's never too late to reconcile relationships

Misunderstanding can become part of  your communication, both verbal and non-verbal.
We show you how to change your behaviour before they become major issues leading to separation

About AQ© ?
It is putting the puzzle together.

Positive Action Intelligence (AQ©) highlights the "AND" solution. Psychologists and other scientists are often conditioned to "either/or" solutions; however, life is constantly "AND" solutions.

Action is what you do ?
Action Intelligence(AQ©) is assessed by HOW, WHEN, WHY, and WHERE YOU DO IT!

Our AQ© and the AQ© of others, creates our wisdom.
The Power of Positive Action© paradigm changes the traditional approach of "thinking, feeling and action" (TFA) to action, feeling, and thinking (AFT ©).

Positive thinking is unproductive until action is taken, now referred to as Action Intelligence (AQ©) (Kennett, 2001).The Power of Positive Action© is a paradigm shift demonstrating the importance of action-effective learning© and the importance of positive actions, to empower leaders and you.

Action Intelligence

Professor Keith Kennett (left)with
Macquarie University's Chancellor
Michael Egan.

Macquarie University-Occasional Address

Thursday 21st April, 2011 at the Invitation of Macquarie University;

Professor Keith Kennett gave the Occasional Address to the University's Faculty of Human Sciences-Psychology Department's 2011 Graduating Class of over 300 graduates.

Topic: On the Power of Positive Action© and the "new paradigm shift" to Action Intelligence (AQ ©).

This was enthusiastically received by the 2011 Graduation class, from PhDs to BSc.


Customised workshops for 1 or 2 days, can be organised for your institution, organisation or government department.

Our workshops are also ideal for parent groups, industry, commerce and marketing.


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